Jacksonville Residential & Commercial Roofing Services

Vigilante & Family Roofing Services provides many roofing services in Jacksonville and surrounding areas, which includes roof repairs, re-roofs and new construction, inspections, roof cleaning and maintenance, skylight installation and repairs, and full repairs from tree damage to name a few. We also work with many other contractors and have great relationships so that if we can help you with all your construction needs. Learn More

Tarping & Roof Protection

homeDo you have roof damage from a fallen tree or a natural disaster? Protecting your home from further costs due to an open or leaking roof, begins at the top. We are here to help! At Vigilante Emergency T.A.R.P. Rescue, we offer 24/7 service and a peace of mind. We will assess the damage to your roof, the size of a tarp needed, and /or quantity of tarps needed. Due to the fact that an emergency tarp is an unexpected expense, we are here to work with you with a fair and honest quote to provide immediate relief from further damages to your dwellings. We are also a full licensed roofing company that can help with repairs, and most importantly, work with your insurance company to ease the process of a roof claim. Most tarps are covered by your homeowners insurance, and they like to see you being proactive! Learn More